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AV LinkPro LP-200

Complete Residential Premise SIP Bridge Controller, ideal for up to 10 devices. Easily transcode video streams and interconnect systems with this micro sized solid state bridge device that operates silently and performs brilliantly.

AV LinkPro LP-360

The ideal communication mediator for most single residence installations or small multi dwelling units (MDU) for 20 devices plus. Our most popular, complete low profile Rack Mountable SIP Bridge controller with port expansion slot.

AV LinkPro LP-Rad

The AV LinkPro Radius is a Enterprise SIP/RTSP/TCP/IP bridge that allows for medium and large installations such as Multiple Unit Dwellings and campuses. With full connectivity and adequate expansion take advantage of video intercom, SIP connected communications, Cross platform control and seamless integration.


LinkPro 200

Mini Controller

LinkPro 360 RM

1U Slim Controller

LinkPro Radius

2U RM Controller

Included Device Bridges 10* Initial Channels maximum 20*  Initial Channels (expandable license packs available) 50*  Initial Channels plus (expandable license packs available)
Processor Intel® Celeron™ 1.83Ghz
Quad Core
Intel® Celeron™ 2.80Ghz
Dual Core
Intel® Core™ i5® 2.80Ghz Quad Core
Ram Memory 4GB DDR3 4GB DDR4 8GB DDR4
Storage 120GB Solid State 120GB Solid State 120GB Solid State
Telco ports included N/A Slot for addon up to

3 Slots for addon

up to 24 ports each.

Audio In/Out 5.1 USB Audio* optional 5.1 Realtek HD Audio 5.1 Realtek HD Audio
RJ45 Ports 2x 10/100/1000 2x 10/100/1000 2x 10/100/1000
RS-232 Ports 1x RS232 1x RS232 1XRS232/422/485 1x RS232 1XRS232/422/485
Dimensions 5.07″ x 4.29″ x 1.33″ 19.00” x 1.75” x 11.12” 19.00” x 3.5” x 20.80”
Voltage 110/240VAC 110/250VAC 110/250VAC
Power Supply 12V 12V 220Watt 12V 460Watt  2 x (redundant hot pluggable)
Mounting Micro  Stand Alone or Wall Mount 1U Rack Mountable with Ears 2U Rack Mountable with Ears

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