AV LinkPro Dealer Integration Services

Integrator Plus


General consultation and software support

  • Detailed network infrastructure planning and implementation 
  • Remote support and consulting services
  • Extended interface support and management
  • MDU and enterprise/campus solutions
  • Extended VOIP integration support
  • Additional telephony and data solutions to compliment your installation.


SIP channel licensing and expansion

SIP Channels are virtual data carriers that allow Voice and Video transports over and IP based integration. VOIP technology allows SIP channels to connect IP based devices such as IP telephones, IP video devices, IP intercom devices as well as IP security devices.

  • Additional SIP Licenses for greater number of devices.
  • Cloud based storage backup services
  • SIP trunk services
  • VOIP customization services
  • VOIP consulting and enhancements
Cloud solutions


Ittendant Cloud Solutions

Cloud based intercom to telephone communication solution for MDU and Gated communities.  A low cost simple solution to bridge IP/SIP based entry intercom system to existing and legacy telephone systems.

  • Support for cloud connected intercom solutions
  • Door Station intercom to telephone solutions
  • Administrative and resident cloud interface
  • Multiple add on communication features
  • Backup Dial-up Door Station connectivity solutions 
  • Call for more information 201-518-1558