Enhanced Communication is the Future

Seamlessly integrate IP telephony devices, analog telephones, IP Video Cameras, and more!

  • Connect 100% 100%
  • Control 100% 100%
  • Communicate 100% 100%
  • Customize 100% 100%

The AVLinkPro Solution

AVLinkPro devices are engineered to bridge the communication gap between technologies, unlocking the true potential of connected devices.

AV LinkPro Integrator Solutions

Video Applications


Connecting video door Cameras

Solution allowing for audio/video, control through touch screen, remotes or apps.
Brands that can be connected through AVLinkPro:

  • Bridging professionally installed video intercom systems
  • DoorBird, Siedle, Holovision, 2N, Fanvil, Came BPT, Mobotix, Grandstream and other residential intercoms
  • Aiphone, Atlas IED, Cyberdata, Fanvil, Grandstream and other commercial intercoms
  • A wide range of direct connect solutions
  • Complete connectivity with all Crestron systems
  • Integration to video telephone products
Phone Applications


Connect Intercom to IP or Analog Telephones

Solution providing a direct audio video connection to video enabled
telephones and an audio connection to analog or digital telephones:

  • Panasonic – Analog PBX or IP/SIP PBX
  • Avaya – Analog PBX
  • Cisco – Analog PBX or IP/SIP PBX
  • Polycom – Analog PBX or IP/SIP PBX
  • Toshiba – Analog PBX or IP/SIP PBX
  • Yealink –  IP/SIP PBX
  • Grandstream –  IP/SIP PBX
  • Other
Crestron applications



Enhancing functions and features of a Crestron solution

Examples of some features that benefit from AVLinkPro solutions

  • Trigger events and functions
  • Enable video to video two way intercom
  • Extended interface support and management
  • Enable single or group paging
  • Enable audio output to sound system
Auto Attendant Audio


Automated Voice Interaction Technology

Examples of some features of automated voice functions in AVLinkPro solutions

  • Trigger auto attendant voice interaction
  • Enable voice greeting from intercom
  • Expand capability of one button intercom to multi extension calling
  • Allow custom messaging for different times of day
  • Provides a touchless communication solution

AVLinkPro Certified Crestron Sip Server

Features AVLinkPro
Interface with Crestron Many Doorstation and security cameras as well as video telephones)
Native Support for Crestron Full Support for all Creston RAVA™ enabled devices including TSW’s X50/X60/X70,  SIMPL, Crestron Home & apps

Quick Actions to trigger devices

(unlock third-party electronic door locks, turn on porch lights, open gates, and more)

Programmable via DTMF codes or

TCP/IP Triggers or RS-232 triggers

Intercom-integrated access control Fully integrated through DTMF, or Trigger to IP relay
Total number of connected Crestron endpoints Capable of unlimited endpoints
Ability to allow RTSP stream for DVR Fully Transcodes video from many sources and can output SIP video 
Operates in a Subnet or VLAN Can fully operate in subnet or VLAN
Allow Intercom paging through TSW’s and other connected audio Enables intercom paging and group paging with custom audio tones

Allow Telephony function and interface

of Crestron system to analog or Digital telephone systems

Yes including acting as fully functional

telephony PBX for fully integrated VIOP. allow TSW’s and TSR’s to become telephone devices as well.

Full two way audio and video intercom Enables full Intercom audio/video functions across all endpoint devices
Mute while on call Fully programmable through TSW or TSR
Access via Creston Mobile App or other Yes as well as third party apps
Delivers audio and video to large MDU installations Yes with Unicast to unlimited endpoints

Enhanced IP SIP PBX Bridge Communication Server Solution