Telephone Integration Solutions

Seamlessly integrate IP telephony devices, analog telephones, IP Intercoms, and more!

Full Features VOIP and Video Solution

AVLinkPro is the ideal system to provide limitless  premise communication

A SIP server, also known as a SIP Proxy, deals with all the management of SIP calls in a network and is responsible for taking requests from the user agents in order to place and terminate telephone or intercom calls. AVLinkPro™ SIP PBX VOIP Servers are a unique mix of VOIP PBX, SIP Proxy and Video gateway all combined into a configuration that can be used to bridge a variety of audio and video endpoint communication devices together. This unique system can combine telephones, intercoms, and smart home controls together in a seamless premise communication environment that expands the capabilities not offered by the original manufacturer of each endpoint.

AV LinkPro Advanced PBX Bridge

Audio / Video Telephony Solutions


The VOIP Connection

AV LinkPro provides a full featured PBX solution for bridged telephone communications that includes connectivity to digital or analog systems, voicemail, music on hold, call management and IVR. Advanced technology incorporates intercom integration, video over SIP communication as well as triggers and services not found in any other solution.

Some of the PBX features enabled through AV LinkPro:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Web Voicemail Interface.
  • Automated Attendant
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting
  • E911
  • Music On Hold
  • Music On Transfer
  • Scalability
  • Broad Integration capabilities
Analog Integration Solution


Bridged and Amended Communication

The AV LinkPro LP360RM solution offers an analog to digital upgrade option allowing PSTN integration to the latest VOIP standard.

  • FXS add-on capabilities designed to bridge to older PBX systems
  • VOIP SIP trunk capable upgrade path
  • Brings analog telephones into door intercom integrations
  • Allows for SIP, IP or PBX continuity with new  systems
  • Expands capabilities of touch screens to be used as telephones
Integrated Solutions


A Bridge to Advanced Control Systems 

We help meet the challenge of integration with a variety of diverse control systems.    AV LinkPro can provide a connectivity and enhancement to many home control  endpoints.


  • Enables Audio intercom to telephone brdige
  • Allows for inbound calls and outbound dialing or calls
  • Provides a secure and modifiable communication platform
  • A Crestron Electronics Certified Solution
Intercom to Telephone Solutions


Cloud Bridge to IP Intercom Systems 

We have provided partnered solutions allowing the integration of video door intercom with landline and cellular telephones.             
AV LinkPro’s Ittendant cloud solution can will provide residents an option for none app based communication.


  • Enables two way intercom on standard telephones and cell phones
  • Can provide resident the ability to manage their own phone numbers
  • Allows door relays to be opened through the telephone
  • Can provide voicemail from the door intercom
  • Can offer cellular push notifications
  • Can provide custom voice prompts to visitors
  • No hardware other than door intercom
  • No onsite installation required