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Giving Crestron Panels the ability to talk to third party IP devices

AV Communication Solutions for Home Automation

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Touch-Less Intercom Solution

AV LinkPro CH-100

Designed for Crestron Home
Up to 8* Endpoint devices 

AV LinkPro LP-200

10* Endpoint devices

AV LinkPro LP-360

20* Initial endpoint devices plus

AV LinkPro LP-360 X

20* Initial endpoint devices plus

AV LinkPro LP-Rad

50* Initial endpoint devices plus

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In today’s home automation, we find more and more devices joining networks. The home owner experience is driven by products and systems that need to connect seamlessly to provide a full featured living experience that allows home owners to truly control everything.

That’s where the AV LinkPro Comes in.


Complete AV LinkPro System

AV integration, made easy

AV LinkPro™ systems are engineered with A/V integration in mind. They provide the only SIP based system that offers full H.264 HD video streaming along with RTSP transport, multicast video, full intercom communication and custom level programming not found in any other system of it’s kind. As a sip server, the AV LinkPro™ provides a unique platform bridge for connecting a combined SIP, IP and TCP/IP integration into a seamless, fully functional solution.

What is AV LinkPro?

AV LinkPro SIP gateway server enhances your device’s technology


Connecting Diverse Technologies


Endless AV Integration Possibilites


Unified Communication Technologies

“It’s a pleasure to work with people or vendors that treat others properly. I’ve done nothing but sing the praises of you and everyone that I’ve been in contact with there since day one. And today you really proved me right. Very much appreciated sir.”

Mike L.

“We chose the AV LinkPro™ solution because of its unique ability to make the Ring doorbell station seamlessly talk and interact with the Crestron system. Since the installation, the system has operated flawlessly and has never needed to be rebooted or serviced”

Mike R.

Connect video doorbell to crestron touch panel

Imagine a Smart Home integration with full HD Video intercom, audio and video bridge integration as well as the ability to trigger events and actions that were previously not possible.

Some of the features include:
• Custom control for any IP device /RS232 device
• IP Audio/ Video door station integration
• IP Video camera transcoding, streaming and capture
• IP Intercom connectivity
• VOIP telephony system communication
• Virtual offsite concierge communication
• Home Control TouchScreen interface integration
• Analog audio system integration
• Analog intercoms communication

Resources & Articles

AV LinkPro Presents: Crestron Home Intercom with DoorBird

 AV LinkPro Presents: Crestron Home Intercom with DoorBird   - A Webex Virtual PresentationLearn how to enhance intercom features in Crestron Home & have the ability to use DoorBird Video door stations. AV LinkPro will feature the new CH-100 SIP...

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