AVLinkPro Security Enhancement Solutions

Integrated audio announcements


Audio paging with unique features

AVLinkPro can provide dynamic audio paging and alert solutions to enhance notification systems as well as automate current paging solutions with SIP based expansions.

  • Paging to sound systems and other endpoints
  • Emergency notifications through SMS or VOIP to paging systems
  • SMS Text to speech for sound systems in up to 128 Languages
  • SIP Broadcast over analog audio systems
  • Advanced integration to third party alert systems API
  • Pre-recorded audio playback
  • Audio tone playback
  • Extended VOIP integration support
Access Control


IP / SIP triggered Relay control

Intelligent multi – function digital relay systems that can be triggered by an AVLinkPro system or by SIP VOIP connections.  IP based  RELOGIC relays can control access, gates, elevators and more. Fully expandable and designed to match most communication specifications. 

  • 1-128 relays under one control.
  • IP based control and deployment
  • Modular/ Expandable design
  • Features scheduling, logs and multiple mode of control
  • Enhanced for MDU integration
Paging Integration


Premise Paging to Every Consideration

Integration to existing paging systems.  Our bridge technology can enhance any facility public address system with connectivity to analog or digital audio.

  • Support for analog or digital audio (AES67)
  • Conversion from VOIP to analog or AES67 audio
  • Adapting to SIP VOIP systems
  • advanced options for older 2 wire paging systems
  • Paging control through third party systems
  • Adding Paging enhancement features

Access and Elevator Integration


Control Solutions

Not only can the AVLinkPro Multi-Tenant solution provide communication to any size facility, It can also provide advanced access control. Utilizing third party API’s allows integration to elevators, entry ways and more.


  • Advanced API access control
  • Built-in Elevator control
  • Resident administration and deployment
  • API integration and customization is possible
  • Bridge access across multiple systems
  • IP based software GUI and bulk upload deployment