Unlimited Integration for Professional Intercoms

AVLinkPro provides the ideal bridge to a wide array of communication technologies

We make your choice the standard

Our Connect bridge technology helps you integrate with leading brands of intercom and telephone hardware from all corners of the world

Connect Certified Products

Manufacturers can work with us to make sure thier products are the best choice for integration with AVLinkPro and Crestron.

 All the bells and whistles your client asks for


How We Bridge the Conversation

AVLinkPro has developed enhanced software

technology that can manage various SIP technologies

into a preferred communication medium that is most

well adapted and compliant to Crestron Rava SIP Technology.

This will enable applications that would otherwise not be possible:

  • Intgrated  Crestron Panel audio/video communications.
  • Two way real-time communication
  • Early Media capabilities.
  • Unicast SIP video streaming to all Crestron Panels.
  • Inbound management of what panels communicate and when.
  • Intelligent audio attendant capabilities.
  • Audio greetings in multiple language/voice/styles.
  • VLAN or SUB Network capabilities.
  • Telephony integration to Door Intercom as well as Crestron Panels


Auto Concierge Applications


Intercom Greets Visitors 

Solving front desk to resident communication with a mixture of advanced features and enhanced benefits 

  • Easy access to communication with concierge or door personnel
  • Allowing diverse intercom and video intercom solutions to work 
  • Allows for SIP, IP or PBX continuity with existing intercom systems
  • Provides ideal platform for virtual concierge part time or full time operation
  • Fully integrates with resident facing Crestron control systems as well as other SIP based endpoints
  • Provides fully functional premise intercom as well as campus wide intercom
  • Unlimited endpoint expansion capabilities for audio and video
Advanced Auto Attendant


Intelligent Audio Attendant by AV LinkPro 

Designed to meet the challenge of today’s hands free intercom

integration needs in the wake of world changes.  Our new

AV LinkPro Intelligent Attendant system was developed to 

offer a  virtual attendant automation option that can be

triggered by sensors or via facial detection using our optional

 AV LinkPro LP360 V system.


  • Enables automated discrete video security solutions
  • Can trigger events, functions and interactions with other systems
  • Can provide direct enhancements to existing camera systems
  • Extends the addition and growth of the controlling ecosystem
  • Provides a secure and modifiable communication platform
  • Designed to operate in conjunction with most Proximity sensors
  • Provided in all AV LinkPro LP200 models and up