Fully Integrated Multi-Dwelling Unit Communication

Seamlessly integrate IP telephony devices, analog telephones, IP Video Cameras, and more!

The AVLinkPro MDU Solution

AVLinkPro is designed to provide limitless expansion for premise communication

Audio / Video Intercom Solutions


It’s All About Communication

AVLinkPro has become a leader in providing solutions for audio/video, communication that goes beyond conventional intercom. Through engineering and design we have developed systems intended to bridge diverse products and control systems allowing for a unique and flexible solution unmatched by others.

 Some of the features enabled through AVLinkPro:

  • Face to Face communications.
  • Automated door attendant communication
  • Direct call communication to concierge, building Services.
  • Voicemail alerts and direct message playback.
  • Unified communication with buildings legacy intercom
  • Transcoded Video feeds to a variety of endpoint
  • Connective solutions to telephone PBX systems
  • Certified expansion to Crestron control systems


Concierge Applications


Intercom to Resident Communication

Solving front desk to resident communication with a mixture of advanced features and enhanced benefits :

  • Easy access to communication with concierge or door personnel
  • Allowing diverse intercom and video intercom solutions to work 
  • Provide optional large display of front door camera to front desk staff
  • Allows for SIP, IP or PBX continuity with existing intercom systems
  • Provides ideal platform for virtual concierge part time or full time operation
  • Fully integrates with resident facing Crestron control system endpoints
  • Provides fully functional premise intercom as well as campus wide intercom
  • Unlimited endpoint expansion capabilities for audio and video
Integrated Solutions


Providing a Bridge to Advanced Control Systems 

We help meet the challenge of integration with a variety of diverse control systems.             
AVLinkPro can provide a connectivity and enhancement to many home control  endpoints.


  • Enables Video to Video two way intercom
  • Can trigger events, functions and interactions with other systems
  • Provides direct enhancements to existing intercom functions
  • Extends the addition and growth of the controlling ecosystem
  • Provides a secure and modifiable communication platform
  • Designed to operate efficiently with low bandwidth
  • Easily deployed to the building or facility
  • A Crestron Electronics Certified Solution

View a recent case study of how AVLinkPro was integrated with Crestron Custom into a Manhattan luxury apartment complex



View a recent case study of how AVLinkPro was integrated with Crestron HOME into a luxury apartment complex on the shores of Lake Ontario



View a case study of how AVLinkPro was integrated with Crestron HOME into over 800 luxury apartments Located in Sydney Harbour. Truly one of the world’s largest mdu integration using Crestron HOME with AVLinkPro.









View a case study of how AVLinkPro was integrated with Crestron HOME into a luxury metropolitan apartment complex on Located in the Flatiron Neighborhood of Manhattan









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AVLinkPro IP SIP PBX Bridge  Serves Communication to the Total MDU Solution