Fully Integrate Crestron Communication

Seamlessly integrate SIP Video Door Stations, IP telephony devices, analog telephones, and more!

 Only AVLinkPro™ provides complete communication solutions for Crestron integrated Systems.


True Intercom communication provides not just paging and panel calls but also video intercom integration, telephone integration, mobile communication as well as hands free intercom and paging to most sound systems for all Crestron Electronics ecosystems.  The AVLinkPro™ Unique PBX Bridge system is designed to allow a variety of professional door intercom and 3rd party end point products to communicate seamlessly with Crestron and other systems while adding multiple endpoint integration for large installations and multiple resident applications. 


Unique features only found in AVLinkPro™ Systems:

  • Fully connect most professional audio/video intercom systems and SIP VOIP telephones to your Crestron ecosystem.
  • Early Media/Video – Allowing a user to see who is at the door before they answer the call. (The number one feature most residents request that only AVLinkPro™ can deliver)
  • One touch panel to panel calling to one or many panels – Does not require the party on the other end to accept the call taking two to three steps to complete a call
  • Discrete audio paging:  to whole house (through panels or sound systems) paging to selective panel groups or paging zones with no limits on panels or zones.
  • Fully compatible with popular SIP based intercom brands – Thus allowing communication that was unattainable by itself.  (Some Examples are found here)
  • Unicast stream allows unlimited broadcast to Crestron touch screen panels with no limits – Ideal for large integrations, MDU’s and more.
  • Ring groups and total control over intercom routing – Provides a comprehensive and complete way to manage all communication endpoints.
  • Audio integration through analog or AES67 digital output – Allowing for paging and or event ring tones through panels or sound systems throughout the premise.
  • Full implementation to Crestron Custom or Crestron Home Systems – Providing system control and integration to all Crestron RAVA enabled panels.
  • Network VLAN support for SIP audio/video intercom calling – Aids the lack of VLAN support by many leading video intercom systems.
  • Telephone PBX integration – Essentially, AVLinkPro™ is also a full featured PBX with IVR, Voicemail, Music on hold and all calling features that will work with most telecom providers.
  • Security without compromising performance – All communication is handled outside the Crestron processor,  AVLinkPro™ systems are  fully secured against intrusion.
  • First time installing AVLinkPro™?  No problem, we provide one hour of our pro- engineer remote support to help you get going!

 Hardware Based, No subscriptions or annual fees, Network safe, Endpoint safe, proven with over 5 years of successful integrations world-wide.



AVLinkPro provides multiple benefits to Crestron Custom integrations. Take advantage of our Crestron discovery system that finds and assigns RAVA SIP configurations to each Crestron Panel. Crestron 2/3/4 series installations can have full integration to the largest selection of professional video intercom brands. AVLinkPro™ will enable full featured intercom to unlimited panels. Paging to panels, zones over analog or digital audio. Send door intercom video to DM NVX systems to see who is at the door on the large screen TV. Integrate the home telephone right into the communication system and make and receive phone calls on a Crestron touch screen. AVLinkPro™ can even provide video intercom over the custom Crestron APP.                               


AVLinkPro™ provides multiple intercom and communication benefits to Crestron HOME (OS3 & Now OS4) integrations. Our simply to use Crestron  system management system finds and assigns RAVA SIP configurations to each Crestron Panel. Easy management of panel groups and even device API templates makes complex integrations much easier and trouble free.  Add on our SIPAHOY intercom Extension for Crestron HOME and enable the world’s leading residential smart home control system to have full features panel to panel intercom, selective paging options and telephone integration and more. Crestron R series installations can have full integration to the largest selection of professional video intercom brands using AVLinkPro™.

AVLinkPro™ has extensive experience in design and deployment of Multi Dwelling Crestron communication systems. Some of the world’s largest and most prestigious projects have been coordinated and implemented with the help of AVLinkPro™ systems. Our engineering team can help with system design, network configuration as well as full scale deployment. We offer not only intercom communication for Crestron integration, also access control as well as elevator control and multi-level security and safety communication.

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AVLinkPro™ provides a true video intercom communication solution for all Crestron environments.  Our systems enable enhancements to Crestron Ecosystems providing advanced connectivity, video streaming and diverse interoperability previously not possible. No other intercom or door station system alone can provide the wide array of features and benefits that only AVLinkPro™ can deliver. With the added  support of an AVLinkPro™ system, you will add the following benefits to a Crestron ecosystem.

We don’t make intercom systems, we make intercom and premise communication systems better!


  • Allows for choice of video door intercom brand: DoorBird, Aiphone, Holovision, Siedle, Came BPT, 2N,Mobotix & more…
  • Deploy Large Crestron Home environments with a single upload
  • Captures RTSP video streams and renders them into SIP audio and video
  • Enhanced RAVA SIP intercom features (Allowing panel to panel and intercom paging or calls to a concierge)*
  • Superior intercom paging and audio prompting (Custom ring tones and sounds)
  • MDU Capabilities with unlimited endpoints goes beyond limits of RAVA and other systems (No limit to number of panels)
  • Full usage of Crestron endpoints (Enhances features eg: ability to make and receive phone calls)*
  • Event trigger and actuation capabilities (Trigger actions on Crestron DM or NVX)
  • One to many video intercom functions (Group broadcast and uni-cast)
  • Intercom/Touchscreen group control (Choose what Crestron devices are part of intercom group)
  • Intercom/Touchscreen time of day routing and do not disturb functions (Programmable opt-in/out)
  • Open audio/ Open Mic paging (Enabling paging throughout with hands free response)
  • Operates in LAN, VLAN or Subnet networks (Provides a secure way to communicate)
  • Full system broadcast features (Page or stream to other parts of your ecosystem)*
  • Message recording features (Voicemail and video voicemail available)
  • Intelligent Voice Attendant now available on every AVLinkPro™ system
  • In field one touch system updates now built-in
  • Crestron specific systems presets (Built in specific templates and auto provisioning tools)
  • Transcoded video streaming in multiple output formats (Send video out through HDMI or IP)
  • Offers telephony interface options for Crestron Ecosystems (Add it to the residence phone system)
  • Works with Natively with Series 2, Series 3. Series 4, PC4 as well as VC4 and Crestron Home (CP4-R, MC4-R & PC4-R)
  • Our SIPAHOY Platform driver adds many new communication features to Crestron Home  

AVLinkPro™ is proud to be a Certified Crestron Integration Partner

* AVLinkPro™ and Crestron are working to enhance many features for new upcoming operating environments

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 Video examples can be found here:


Crestron Home Integration Diagram Examples

AVLinkPro™ Simple Single Crestron Home Intercom Integration Diagram using CH-100 Model




AVLinkPro™ Enhanced Single Crestron Home Intercom Integration Diagram using CH-100 Model



AVLinkPro™ MDU Crestron Home Intercom Enhanced Integration using LP-360 or LP-RAD

Crestron Home MDU Integration



MDU_Crestron_Home_site_diagram_Wired_to Common

AVLinkPro™ MDU Crestron Home Intercom Enhanced Integration using LP-360 or LP-RAD where individual units have their own Crestron processor

AV LInkPro for Crestron Video Intercom
AV LInkPro for Crestron Video Intercom
AV LInkPro for Crestron Video Intercom
AV LInkPro for Crestron Video Intercom
AV LInkPro for Crestron  Home OS3 Video Intercom
AV LInkPro for Crestron Video Intercom

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