AVLinkPro Connected-Synergy Program

 LinkPro™ in partnership with Crestron Electronics® is offering synergy in an industry leading connectivity certification for third party integrated communication systems to work with Crestron®  RAVA® based systems environments. This certification builds confidence through an evaluated and tested process by which major third party manufacturer’s SIP based communication solutions are reviewed and vetted to bind with integration applications specific to the Crestron®  Eco-system via the connectivity bridge provided by AVLinkpro™ systems.

Why we do this


Why do we need Connect product certification?


Communication solutions and products would benefit those resellers, dealers and installers who wish to integrate them into a Crestron® environment.  AVLinkPro™ Certification provides a synergistic relationship that provides our engineering team with the ability to support your unique solutions and product integration into a Crestron® engagement. Our experienced support team will be able to provide the font line support to help bridge our AVLinkPro™ SIP PBX Bridge in conjunction with Crestron® systems and a third party’s solutions and products.

How we do this


How do you get Connect product certified?

Our team of support engineers will review the criteria for your product and assess whether it meets the requirements and specifications needed to work in the Crestron® environment. We may also determine if any additonal technology or software is required to enable the third party candidate solution to bridge properly. We ask that you send a sample of your product to be tested. Also send all relevant documentation. (Product samples are returnable to the third-party applicant)

The Goal


What is the aim of Connect product certification?

Our goal is to treat third-party communication vendors as partners. (We do not produce or offer competing products like those of the third-party candidate products). This is a synergized offering to manufacturers who would benefit from a strategic partnership that allows access to more effective applications and the ability to reach a larger world-wide market. Our partners benefit from the ability to put their solutions on the radar of customers through Crestron’s worldwide channel of dealers and integrators. By acquiring   this certification, third party manufacturers will serve the needs of customers, architects, designers and consultants with the awareness and confidence that your products and solutions can be used in a Crestron® integration with the help of AVLinkPro™.

If a third-party manufacturer chooses to work with us to acquire this certification, this ensures their products are technically compliant with and can be integrated into Crestron® Simpl based Custom and Crestron® Home® environments with little or no support required from that third party manufacturer.

The Result


What will be provided for a certified product or solution?

Products and solutions that are submitted, reviewed and approved will have documentation to use them with AVLinkPro™ for Crestron® integration. AVLinkPro™ Support staff will then be able to properly assist, support and train Crestron® integration installers on the proper methodology to incorporate these certified third-party solutions with AVLinkPro™ and the Crestron® environment. AVLinkPro™ will also promote such certification for the benefit of any global integrator, dealer or installer that wishes to utilize and install the third-party products or solution for their Crestron® implementation.

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