September 12th, 2019 –  Denver, CO

Recognizing the most noteworthy new products and technologies, CE Pro is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Product Awards. AV LinkPro™ was chosen in the category of Household Enhancements/Installation communications accessory products for it’s advanced functionality, innovation, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer.

AV LinkPro™  is designed to reside at the heart of a connected intercom communication system. It provides a gateway and control hub that interfaces and manages a variety of intercom endpoints along with a mixture of telephone and audio products. The system can stand alone or provide a vital gateway to a control system. It transcodes source content to make it available to a variety of audio and video endpoints and outputs.

AV LinkPro™ can be used as a stand-alone telephone PBX or it can act as a direct interface to an existing interface. As a Crestron Certified Integration Partner, AV LinkPro™  provides the integrator with a multiconnected interface to allow a variety of intercom and telephone products to work effortlessly in the smart home ecosystem. “One device has the ability to do all this and under a simple user administration system.” Says Jon Miller. Product Manager at AlltecPro.

“We’re privileged to recognize the many manufacturers that provide custom integrators with exciting, cutting-edge and very practical products to add to their businesses.” says Arlen Schweiger, Managing Editor of CE Pro. The BEST Awards represents technical engineering and thoughtful development that deserve praise,” says Arlen Schweiger, executive editor of CE Pro. “We always look forward to seeing what each year’s new group of entries brings, and how these solutions may impact our industry for years to come.”

ABOUT AV LinkProA product manufactured by AlltecPro is the only SIP-based PBX server system offering full H.264 HD video streaming, RTSP transport, multicast video, full intercom communication and custom level programming. AV LinkPro™ is a communication bridge for SIP, IP, and TCP/IP integration creating a fully functional solution.  AV LinkPro™ is a Crestron Integration Partner Solution

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