AV LinkPro™ – The Unifying Communications Solution forResidential Security & Intercom Systems

By Steve Fox

The world of residential, intercoms and security systems have come a long way since simply buzzing in a guest after hearing their voice. Camera doorbells have exploded on the scene and control systems are now must-have parts of any high-end, apartment building or complex. To this end, many building owners are trying to retrofit their systems to work with the new technology but are running into serious compatibility issues. Many of the new, individual systems are IP based which may not able to integrate with today’s automation systems and IP smart home controllers such as those made by Crestron, a leading manufacturer of home AV automation. These controllers allow for controlling everything from home theater to electric window shades, TV, lighting, etc. but when it came to integrating the controllers to the allow both video and audio communication with the doorbell intercoms and cameras, the technology was not always compatible and installers had to improvise and create solutions often at great cost of time and money.. There needed to be a system that would bridge the gap between old and new technology and be expandable to meet the needs of both large and small installations. That solution is AV LinkPro.

Security is King
As technology becomes more advanced and Amazon type delivery is getting more common, the demand for home security products is growing in leaps and bounds. In New York City for example, there is a law mandating lobby to apartment communication via intercom system. In older buildings, this may still be a telephone hookup but in all new construction, one of the amenities spec’d into the building is state of the art communication, often using a Crestron type controller, doorbell cameras and telephone/audio/video communications. People want to know who is coming to their door and why and the plethora of security products on the market each have their own capabilities and complexities.

The AV LinkPro Advantage
AV LinkPro™ can reside at the heart of a connected intercom communication system. It provides a gateway and control hub that interfaces and manages a variety of intercom endpoints along with a mixture of telephone and audio products. The system can stand alone or provide a vital gateway to a control system. It can transcode source content to make it available to a variety of audio and video endpoints and outputs. AV LinkPro™ can be used as a stand-alone telephone PBX or it can act as a direct interface to an existing interface. Now one device has the ability to do all this under a simple user administration system.

Answering the Call
AV LinkPro™ was launched in October, 2017 and has revolutionized the home intercom/communications landscape. It has been the connectivity answer that so many installers have been waiting for and it has taken new, popular products like doorbell cameras from Ring and Nest and allowed them to speak to new and existing automation systems. In addition, it has been the answer for many installers and integrators who were looking to retrofit existing telephone systems with the newer IP technology. “Being that each manufacturer has its own specifications and limited connectivity to other brands, AV Link Pro serves as a communication’s moderator allowing multiple products from a variety of brands to work together”, according to Jon Miller, product manager for AlltecPro, manufacturer of the AV LinkPro. “It offers a most reliable hub platform that can function as a client/server audio/video intercom engine and even scale to become a SIP PBX for full featured telephone control”. Installers are thrilled that they can rely on one product for helping them with their compatibility challenges. “We chose the AV LinkPro™ ‘”‘ SIP solution for our client because we needed a reliable and fully functional system to control the building’s multi residence communication system,” commented Greg Dietz, technical Manager at Communications Engineering Management. “The product and support that accompanied it were outstanding and really solved a long standing and complicated issue our client had consistently been facing”.

Industry Acclaim
Not only are end users extolling the virtues of AV LinkPro, it has been recognized as a 2019 BEST Product award winner, by CE Pro, an authoritative, industry magazine, in the category of Household Enhancements/Installation Accessories – Communications Products. According to CE Pro’s announcement, “products were individually judged on multiple criteria including innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, benefits to the end-user and benefits to the integrator”. “We are very proud of this accomplishment and the recognition our product has gotten from the industry. It solidifies our place as an integral part of any multi-discipline, home communications installation”, commented William Kurtzer, President or AlltecPro.

Partnering with the Best
AV LinkPro™ is now recognized by many major manufacturers as a key element in their installations. It is a certified Crestron Integration Partner and winner of the 2018-19 Crestron home global Technology Award. According to Ken Vanemon, Metro New York rep for Sapphire Marketing, who represents Crestron in the Eastern region, “until now, we did not have a complete solution to integrate other systems with Crestron and dealers had to improvise to get things to work together. AV LinkPro™ integrates seamlessly with Crestron and allows new products like Ring to be part of the Crestron system. We recommend it to our dealers and we have established a great partnership with the people at AV LinkPro”.
AV LinkPro™ also partners with Door Bird, 2N and Aiphone and is compatible to provide their dealers and integrators better compatibility. It also works with all major home security/automation products including those from Ring, Nest, Cisco, Panasonic, Mitel, Fermax, SSS Siedle, Holovison, Polycom, Mobotix, Yealink and more. AV LinkProis available in 3 models: LP -200 for up to 10 endpoint devices, LP-360 starting with 20 plus endpoint devices and LP-RAD starting at 50 plus endpoint devices.

For more information on this award winning product, go to avlinkpro.com.

Steve Fox frequently writes on the AV/Video industry. He has written for TV Technology, Systems Contractor News, AV Video, Video Systems, Satellite Communications, INView and VideoTimes. He can be reached at steve@foxmarketing.com.