Ittendant Intercom to Telephone Service

Ittendant intercom to telephone service is available for DoorBird intercoms. It will allow the entry intercom to simultaneously call any telephone or cell phone when a visitor activates the intercom. Ittendant service is unique as it does not replace the intercom app and can allow the resident to receive the call on up to 5 phone numbers and change their own phone numbers at any time.

Ittendant  by AV LinkPro™ has partnered with companies like DoorBird to provides a cloud based solution for simple multi-tenant  intercom via SIP doorbell intercom. It requires only a front door intercom and Direct Inward Dialing number. This allows our cloud based system to automatically intercom dial residences via telephone. The system can dial up to 5 numbers to communicate with the resident. Residents can use a standard or cellular telephone and can even activate door locks relays via the phone’s dialing keypad.


         SIP Intercom systems in Single and Multi-Unit Dwellings can now take advantage of our Ittendant SIP to telephone solutions.

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