Bring full communication to your Crestron Home Ecosystem

A complete platform to support Crestron Home Intercom, Paging, Room monitoring and more…

SIPAHOY by AVLinkPro makes intercom and communicate
with Crestron Home deployments come alive.

SIPAHOY has been deployed to thousands of Crestron Home installations worldwide.

Features that SIPAHOY can enable for Crestron Home:

  • Direct panel to panel calling
  • Paging to select panels or whole house
  • Intercom paging over sound system
  • Hands free panel paging with talk back
  • Room monitoring through Crestron panels
  • Triggering third party API or relays to open doors, gates or call elevators
  • Calls between non Crestron endpoints
  • Calls to/from telephone PBX integration
  • Works in Crestron Home OS3 or the latest OS4

Say “Ahoy!” to the Next Level of Crestron HOME Intercom